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    Hollie Tutrani

    Hollie Tutrani was born and raised in New England.

    She is a retired police detective, a wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys reading, especially mysteries, and she always had a vivid and creative imagination and natural sleuth instincts. Hollie Tutrani recently discovered her love for writing with her husband and has released her first book by the name of Her Brother’s Keeper, a fictional novel on a woman going after greed and who would do anything to have it.

     She enjoys knitting, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family during her free time. Mostly, Hollie Tutrani enjoys playing around with her grandchildren, who call her ‘Mimi’ out of love. Hollie resides in Florida, where she is successful in her career as a real estate agent. She lives together with her fluffy Sheepadoodle, Willow, and Goldendoodle, Cooper. She also has two cats Frankie and Nena, both of whom are a bundle of joy.

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    Her Brother’s Keeper

    A great book is defined by the layout of the chapters that lead up to the climax. Hollie’s book is focused on the thriller and suspense side of the genre and here are the first set of chapters from it. Order Her Brother’s Keeper today to find out what happens.

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    Her Brother’s Keeper A Murder Mystery

    Her mouth was left agape at the sight of the gigantic Statue of Liberty extending its cement torch upwards. Her emerald eyes were glued to it. She was so immersed in the statue that she did not respond to man telling her to move. She heard more people flocking beside her and cheering heartily. Her big moment was finally here. She was going to reach the United States of America very soon! As they arrived at their destination, and she got off, she felt her legs trembling.


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    Her Brother’s Keeper A Murder Mystery

    Watch the captivating trailer of Her Brother’s Keeper, a book by Hollie Tutrani, and find out what more the story features and get introduced to the characters in it.


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