Her Brother’s Keeper A Murder Mystery

Her Brother’s Keeper is one of the biggest books of the year and is written by the talented newcomer, Hollie Tutrani. The story of this fictional book revolves around a character named Hilda and the evens that followed. It begins as Hilda felt the warm yet soothing afternoon breezes brush past her face. She stood and faced the sea as the ship steadily moved forward.Her mouth was left agape at the sight of the gigantic Statue of Liberty extending its cement torch upwards. Her emerald eyes were glued to it. She was so immersed in the statue that she did not respond to man telling her to move.

Her Brother’s Keeper A Murder Mystery

Hollie Tutrani’s book, Her Brother’s Keeper, is perfect example of the saying, “expect the unexpected.” It follows one of the most underrated and lesser known circumstances that people go to just to fulfill their desires, and is a great hook to capture the attention of readers.


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